Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon

The natural beauty of Bryce Canyon National park is incredible. The views from above and from within are truly breathtaking. The major attraction is the spectacular crimson colored hoodoos, pillars of rock created by erosion. Bryce Canyon has the largest collection of hoodoos in the world, attracting nearly two million visitors annually. Bryce Canyon is located in southern Utah, in Utah’s canyon country. A four-hour drive from the famous Las Vegas, Nevada and two hours from the beautiful Zion National Park 



The main attraction is of course, the gorgeous collection of hoodoos. The best place to view the hoodoos are from the Bryce amphitheater, which has the largest collection of viewpoints.  With four main viewpoints (Bryce point, inspiration point, sunset point and sunrise point) and access to numerous hiking trails, this is the perfect area to start a journey exploring Bryce Canyon.  





Hiking opportunities

Bryce Canyon has a range of hiking trails from easy to strenuous. As an introduction to Bryce canyon, I would recommend beginning with the Rim trail hike, here you will be hiking the rim of Bryce amphitheater, viewing the gorgeous hoodoos from above, walking between sunrise and sunset point. Rim trail is classified as easy. Please note that the rim trail is not a loop, so the hike can range from 1 to 8 hours, depending on when you turn back around!

A step up from the Rim trail hike, would be the Queens/Navajo combination loop, this is classified as moderate and is also regarded as the most popular hiking trail. Highlights will include viewing Thor’s hammer and the two bridges. If you are looking for more strenuous hikes, I would recommend the Peekaboo loop, here you will hike through the heart of the park, with stunning views of the hoodoos and also viewing the wall of windows. Fairytale loop is another great strenuous hike, providing you with a chance to see the Chinese wall, tower bridge and tall hoodoos. Away from the Bryce amphitheater at the northern end of the park is Mossy cave, an easy hike away from the crowds.

BC hike

Bryce Canyon hiking


Highway 63

A breathtaking scenic drive through the park. Provides a great opportunity to view some of the major overlooks, with 13 viewpoints along this 38 mile round trip. Highlights include the natural bridge,  Rainbow and Yovimpa points. If you only had one day to explore Bryce canyon, I would recommend completing this loop and stopping off at the major viewpoints.










Mossy Cave

If you have more than a day I would recommend a visit to Mossy cave. A hidden gem at the northern end of the park. provides an opportunity to get up close with the hoodoos without descending.  It is an easy hike along a stream side to view this pretty cave. Depending on the time of year you may also see a waterfall or icicles in the cave! A peaceful hike without the crowds.






Bryce Canyon is a truly remarkable place. The scenery is stunning and the opportunities for hiking and photography are endless. A true nature lovers playground! Photos don’t do justice, you really need to explore Bryce Canyon in person to surround yourself in this natural beauty. A unique, and breathtaking landscape. One of my favorite national parks that I have visited so far.





17 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon National Park”

  1. Bryce Canyon National Park is just breathtakingly beautiful! You have captured it so awesomely in your gorgeous pictures. The Hoodoos are strange yet beautiful as well. My son is a hiker and this looks like a hikers paradise. By the way that car is pretty amazing too!

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  2. Wow everybody talks about the Grand Canyon of course but this one I’ve never heard of. How beautiful and breathtaking is this place. It must’ve been amazing to see in person. Such natural wonder here. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll consider it if ever thinking of going to Utah.

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  3. I went for a road trip in Nevada – Grand Canyon last winter but didn’t get to see Bryce Canyon. After flying more than 17 hours from Singapore, I should have visited Bryce Canyon too but due to time constraint! I guess it would be in my other trip to the US. Bryce Canyon has incredible landscape and it will be in my bucket list!

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  4. Wow, this is such a gorgeous place! I would love to go here and experience the vast beauty of our world in a spot like here. 🙂

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  5. Wow, I never seen something like this before. Traipsing my feet here and embrace this perfect scenery would make me very happy. I love all the natural structures of the canyons, it has a perfect edges and color that is enough to make me speechless. Thank you so much for sharing such stunning scenery.

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  6. You captured pure natural beauty in this post of Bryce Canyon National Park. It looks like an incredible experience that you can treasure forever!

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  7. Breathtaking indeed! A 4-hour drive from Vegas is nothing if this is where I’m headed to. Such an incredible and majestic place. I wonder what it looks like when it rains there.

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  8. It’s a beautiful place for sure. I’v e been there for a short time and didn’t have time to hike. There was a storm when we went there. I would really want to go back there someday! Gorgeous pictures!

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