Seren del Grappa

Panoramic mountain views

Seren del Grappa is a gorgeous Italian village located in the province of Belluno, in the Italian region of Veneto. The small village is located near the sacred mountain, the Monte Grappa. Three battles were fought here during world war one.

A visit to this pretty village, will provide you with an authentic local Italian experience. The locals are very friendly and helpful. The homemade food is amazingly delicious – I had the best Italian meal of my life here. Seren del Grappa is a great place to explore  history and the natural reserves by hiking the many trails, either by foot or by bike. The views are just gorgeous.


Two days in Seren del Grappa

My boyfriends grandfather  was born and grew up in Seren del Grappa. We were visiting Venice, which is located 70 km away and his mother asked if we could visit this small village. So we decided to go. We took a train from Venice to Feltre a hill town located 7.4 km from Seren Del Grappa. The train journey was really nice and quite picturesque, with the ice, snow and mountain views. From the Feltre train station we took a local bus into the small village of Seren Del Grappa.


So now we had arrived, with no plan! His mother had given us the name of the bed and breakfast that her cousin owned. So we walked around the village until we found it. We walked in, and started to talk to the man and women at the desk. Luckily there was a man who could speak both Italian and English who was able to translate between the two parties. Next thing, they were greeting us with big hugs and kisses, as his grandfather was a well know and respected man. The family put us up for night, and made us the biggest and most delicious authentic meal. The warm welcome and generosity was a true indication of the people in this village.

Jack serenseren wineSeren foodSeren B and B

We spent our time in Seren Del Grappa, connecting with the family and friends and then exploring the gorgeous mountains. The mountains are just so pretty here! The hiking trails are very enjoyable. Other points of interest include the thirteenth century church of San Siro and scenes from the world war one battles that occurred at Monte Grappa.

The trip to Seren del Grappa, was really enriching as it provided an insight into the small village life of Italy. I have visited some of the big cities in Italy which are gorgeous, but this was a nice change, and we didn’t run into any other tourist! A very memorable trip.




21 thoughts on “Seren del Grappa”

  1. These pics of the mountains are stunning. We are heading out to Deer Valley for a ski trip in 2 weeks. Can’t wait to see the west coast mountains.

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  2. I am in love with how simple and old, authentic the buildings there are. The whole area looks so serene and unchanged by modern day. The outdoor market reminded me of my childhood far away from Italy of course. I would vacation there in a heart beat if funds allowed. So beautiful!

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  3. The pictures looks stunning and well photograph! We’re planning to travel this year 2018 and this one should be on my list! 🙂


  4. Great photos! I’d love to visit here. Spent a few weeks in Italy this last summer, I loved exploring outside the big cities. Super fun.

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  5. Seren del Grappa sounds absolutely perfect! How great to have that family connection and be able meet up with them. I love that there were no tourists! It sounds like my kind of place!

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  6. Seren del Grappa looks absolutely gorgeous, what stunning views. You are really lucky to have family connections there so you can visit more often.

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  7. Seren del Grappa looks so beautiful! My SO’s family (from his dad’s side) are from Italy. He was telling how he wishes to visit one day! When we do, I would love to see Seren del Grappa in person.

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