Charming waterfront, colorful buildings, stunning decor and a cosmopolitian atmosphere, Copenhagen (Kobenhavn in Danish) is a great introduction to Denmark and an insight into Scandinavia.

Copenhagen is located on the eastern coast of the island Zealand, and a smaller section of the city is located on Amager. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark, and also the cultural and geographic link between Scandinavia and mainland Europe. The city was founded in the 10th century and was once a small viking fishing village. Now the city represents a strong  urban and cultural modern city. Copenhagen has the buzz of a city and is still small enough to give you an intimate atmosphere. You can easily explore the city by foot or bicycle.


A weekend in Denmark

As were based in the UK we were always on the lookout for cheap deals to travel more of Europe. We found a cheap flight (around $15 usd) to Copenhagen. So we jumped at the chance to visit the capital of Denmark.

The flight was only two hours from London. We arrived around 6pm and checked into our hostel. Generator hostel is located in the city center, just steps away from the Kongen’s Nytrov square. This hostel was so comfortable and the decor was gorgeous, the on site bar made is easier to meet other travelers. This was a standout backpackers hostel from all of my travels. We had two full days and a half day to explore this beautiful city.



Highlights and must sees

  • Nyhavn: A beautiful neighborhood to walk around. Colorful buildings line the canal of this 17th century waterfront. A great place for a meal and drinks, with many options for bars, cafes and restaurants.
  • Frederiksberg Palace: A pretty palace that is located on Frederiksberg hill and overlooks the stunning Frederiksberg garden.
  • The Little Mermaid: A statue of the little mermaid is located on the Langelinje pier. The statue is over 100 years old!
  • Kronborg castle: A beautiful 16th century castle.
  • Amalienborg palace: The home of the Danish royal family.
  • Stroget: One of Europes longest pedestrian streets and the largest shopping district in Copenhagen.
  • The national museum: A look into Danish history, from the stone age, viking age, middle age to modern day Denmark.
  • Glyptoteket: A beautiful art museum.
  • Botanical garden: Walk around the gorgeous gardens located in the city center.

CopenhagenCopenhagen water frontDenmarkMe in copenhagen

From seeing the major sights of the city, wandering the streets and experiencing the Danish nightlife, our time in Copenhagen was well spent and very enjoyable. I would love to visit Denmark again to explore more of the country.

Our next stop is Malmo, Sweden, only a 40 minute train ride away!





21 thoughts on “Copenhagen”

  1. Such lovely pictures Kelly, they bring back so many good memories of Copenhagen. We’ll have to make a plan to go visit again. We missed the national museum the last time we were there and I so wanted to see it.

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  2. I am a frequent traveler and Copenhagen is in my bucket list. It is so far to travel from Asia but still looking at your picture, it really make me wanted to be there to enjoy the beautiful view. The highlights and must see list work great for me. I will start doing research from the list that you have highlighted.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so glad you made an article about Copenhagen. I will visit the city one day and after I read your view about it I can’t wait to feel the beautiful atmosphere you described. I really enjoyed reading your stay in Denmark, especially your highlights and must sees.

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  4. Beautiful pictures, I have enjoyed seeing your experience of Denmark. I have never been but it certainly looks beautiful, I’d love to walk around and explore it!

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  5. Copenhagen looks so lovely. The Little Mermaid statue sounds like a lovely thing to see. It sounds like you had a great time.

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  6. I have never been to Copenhagen, but it looks like I need to add it to my list. I love your photos and you must-see recommendations. It sounds like you had a very good time.

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  7. Copenhagen is so beautiful, the views and the list of sights and highlights you have compiled are amazing. All the pictures look so beautiful, I would love to visit Copenhagen, my best friend from school lives in Copenhagen.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. My girlfriend would love to visit the Little Mermaid as she’s a fan of the story. I didn’t know the palace for the Danish royal family is open to public visiting!

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  9. Copenhagen looks really awesome. I would love to visit the Little Mermaid statue. I will add this to my travel list. Such a lovely place to visit.

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