Picnic under the Brooklyn Bridge


Parisian elegance in New York City

Spring is my favorite season in New York City. I adore the colorful blooms, happy faces walking the streets and it is the perfect weather to spend time outdoors, and adore the parks and green spaces that is in New York City. We have so much greenery in this concrete jungle.

It was an honor to be contacted by Corinne and Laéthycia from Personal attention – these incredible Parisian ladies, run a private concierge and event planning company, here in New York City.  When asked if I would like to attend a picnic hosted by them, I jumped at the chance. I was not disappointed, these ladies know how to throw an elegant and charming picnic.



A dreamy spring night at the Brooklyn bridge park

Personal attention put a lot of effort into making an enjoyable and memorable experience, one that I will never forget and will be forever grateful for. The weather was perfect, the location was stunning  and their set up was incredible. We arrived to be greeted by the happy crew at Personal attention, who had just finished setting up the picnic, their positive energy set the scene.  The setting was amazing, with a beautiful blanket and cushions to sit on, looking out to the Manhattan skyline with views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge.





Attention to detail

The picnic was perfect. We were provided games to play (frisbee and uno)  and music to listen to. The cushions and blanket were extremely comfy and made for a relaxing evening. The food was perfect, which included a cheese platter, fruit salad, a hearty salad for each of us, and delicious sparkling apple cider.  The atmosphere was amazing, we spent three hours enjoying the picnic and watching the sunset over the Manhattan skyline, a perfect spring night in New York City!

If you’re looking for a unique and elegant New York City experience, look no further than Personal attention. They excel at creating beautiful  and memorable events. A highlight of my time living in this amazing city.









15 thoughts on “Picnic under the Brooklyn Bridge”

  1. How beautiful! I do believe they thought of everything even the games and music. The food looks so delicious. It all looks romantic and sentimental, although, you didn’t plan it. I wouldn’t have guessed. To top it off a gorgeous scenic view of both bridges.

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  2. This….omg YES!!!! I have been planning a trip to NYC and having a picnic by the Brooklyn bridge has been on my list forever! I had no idea there was a company like this that can make my dream come true! I’m absolutely adding this to my Pinterest travel board so I can contact them when I go!

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  3. What a lovely evening! That’s an awful lot of cheese though!! Glad the weather cooperated. I’m guessing they delivered and cleaned afterward? That def makes it worthwhile!

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  4. Oh wow what a gorgeous idea. This looks like such a lovely picnic and in the perfect location too. I hope you both had the best time.

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  5. What a fun spring evening and a great idea! You got to experience all the fun of being outdoors on a gorgeous night and all you had to do was show up. Sounds perfect to me, and looks incredible!

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  6. oh wow! this looks like the most romantic and fancy picnic ever! I love all your ideas and how well you curated all the details! I can’t wait to organize one like this myself!

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  7. It looks like you had an amazing time. I wish I could picnic like this with my hunny but the grass holds things that seem to love to eat me alive no matter what bug spray I use. But, this is a really fantastic idea.

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  8. Kelly, these pics are amazing. I am happy you’re enjoying your time in NYC. Thanks for showing some amazing places to visit!

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  9. Awww this looks so romantic and fun! I love the set up… you really nailed it with the details! The weather looks like it was beautiful that day too! Hope you continue to enjoy yourself in Brooklyn!

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  10. I love this! If we ever visit New York, I am going to look into Personal Attention. It would be perfect for travelers because we wouldn’t have to bring anything. We also wouldn’t have to figure out where to go!

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