Constant Contact

Are you a small business owner or blogger? Email marketing is one of the most important tools for providing your customers and/or followers with content and meaningful relationships. Email marketing is a way to stay in touch with your customers and provide a personal connection.

Constant contact

Technology and social media platforms continue to evolve and expand, but one thing that has been a constant platform and is here to stay is email marketing! Email marketing is essential to stay ahead of the game. This powerful tool allows you to stay in touch with your audience and allows you to connect with them straight away when you have new compelling content to share.

Providing regular updates via email newsletters  and/or campaigns is a way to increase your brand recognition. A way to connect with your target audience and at the same time allows you to expand your network.

Email marketing is also crucial for increasing your web traffic. Through emails you can provide your audience with a direct link to your website. This is very effective if you have a specific campaign as you can create a specific landing page in relation to the email campaign you just sent out to your audience. You can also integrate emails with your social media platforms, boosting your social media presence and targeting your loyal followers.

Constant Contact

If you want to grow your business /blog with powerful email marketing then I would strongly recommend Constant Contact.

I have recently made the switch to their services and could not be happier. My favorite feature is that Constant Contact provides expert guidance and live support! The team at Constant contact make an effort to work with you to ensure the best results for you and your goals.


Drive engagement with every email

Constant contact can help you choose the correct template to optimize your connection with you clients and provide you with beautiful, mobile optimized templates. Their drag and drop editor is easy to use and a great way to customize your emails. Constant contact allows helps with making sure that your emails reach the inbox of your clients and nor their spam folder.


Track your success

The team at constant contact can also assist with the tracking of your email marketing. Allowing you to track when, where and on which device your emails are being delivered to, by providing real time reporting and analytics.


Free trail

Constant contact are currently offering a free trail! sign up today for a 60-day trial (no credit card needed) for all US and Canadian traffic. This is an awesome opportunity to start driving traffic to your blog and or business and make real and personal connections with your clients. Email marketing is so powerful and constant contact offers a wonderful service that drives success. Sign up here for your free trail.






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