Why You Should Leave The Car At Home When Travelling To Atlanta

With the title ‘city in a forest’, it’s no wonder that many people are flocking to Atlanta to experience many of the wonderful things it has to offer. Having a car is a relatively easy and convenient way of travelling. Aside from walking and public transport, it’s much easier to jump into your car and get from a to b. That is, for day to day use. However, some people choose to take their cars on their travels with them, and today we’re going to give you reasons as to why you shouldn’t take your car with you when you’re planning to travel to Atlanta.


Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

It Can Work Out To Be Very Expensive

When you’re travelling to Atlanta, the costs that you will incur can work out to be more expensive than other forms of travel. While you might be avoiding the cost of a plane ticket, you will be incurring charges such as parking, overseas transport for your car, and even tolls that you may encounter along the way. Did you know that per day, the parking at Atlanta airport is at least $36? This can work out to be just as costly, if not more, than taking other forms of travel to get to your destination. Rather than forking out for these charges, why not take an Atlanta airport shuttle to catch your plane, or even travel by train or boat instead? Not only will you be paying the same, if not less, but you also won’t have to worry about finding a parking space.

Taking Your Car Can Be Stressful

Cost aside, taking your car to Atlanta can work out to be very stressful too. Not only do you have to take into considerations charges for tolls and parking spaces, but you’ll also need to consider any changes that you’ll need to make beforehand. Luckily, Atlanta has an extremely convenient way of travelling that’s also cost-effective. Consider using MARTA as a way of getting around and seeing all of the sights rather than having to worry about where your car is going to go and how much you’ll have to pay for it.

Having Your Car Could Be Risky

It’s important to think about whether you can really trust your car to last the distance of your journey. While your car might be working perfectly now, there’s a chance that it could break down along the way and leave you stranded on options. Could you afford to have your car repaired while you’re on the road? And are you confident that you’ll be able to find a garage or mechanic that’s able to do so?

Taking all of these things into consideration, is it really a good idea to take your car with you? Obviously, the outcomes depend on where you’re travelling to and your reasons for doing so, but consider leaving your car at home and using other forms of transport to save the hassles that could come with it!




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