Travel Destinations With Public Transport To Die For

While the notion of public transport isn’t the sexiest, it is one of the most helpful, especially when you’re trying to find your way around a new destination. Quality public transport can often mean the difference between getting the most out of your holiday and failing to do so.

According to the World Economic Forum, a kind of inter-government agency that likes to keep score of how well various countries are doing, some places are a heck of a lot better than others when it comes to getting around on the public dime. No, the USA isn’t among them. Let’s take a look at the top travel destinations with public transportation options to die for.


Austria .JPG

Wikimedia Blog

Austria, that little landlocked country in the heart of Europe, isn’t the first place you’d think of for having great public transportation. But the country needs it, due to the fact that a lot of its land area is right in the heart of the Alps, one of the most inhospitable places on Earth.

Public transport in Austria isn’t the traditional network of buses and trains (although you can still find these in the country), it’s a series of cable cars and gondolas which open up the mountains that set the country apart. Each year millions of tourists flock to destinations like Mayrhofen, and they rely on being able to take the cable car to enjoy their stay.




The Netherlands is, in many ways, the complete antithesis of Austria – incredibly flat, and not at all landlocked. According to the World Economic Forum, it ranks an impressive third in the world for its public transport. But do people use a lot of bus accident lawyers here? That’s the interesting thing about the Netherlands: its public transportation is based around its industrial canal system and great ports along the coast. You can get to practically all the major cities by boat, both by public barge, ferry, and private boat.




Over the last four decades, Singapore has experienced something of an economic “miracle.” The Asian city-state was once just as poor as surrounding Malaysia, but thanks to some smart investment projects, it’s managed to supercharge its wealth in an unprecedented way, becoming richer on a per-capita basis than most Western countries.

How did it do it? Scholars have asked the question, and many say that it has to do with the country’s efforts to provide incredible public transport. Like many Asian city-states, Singapore’s wealth is built around its port – which, of course, is one of the best in the world. The city is also crisscrossed by rail and bus networks to rival those of New York and London.

Hong Kong


Wikimedia Commons

The World Economic Forum says that Hong Kong has the best public transport infrastructure in the world, meaning that people who go there on vacation will have the easiest time getting around. Incidentally, Hong Kong is ranked 11th in the world for tourism, making the island dependency a double-whammy for people who love to travel. Will you visit this vertical city?


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Top US Hiking Destinations For an Outdoor Adventure

If the varied and undulating terrain of the US is calling your name, then you must be a fan of the great outdoors. And from east coast to west of the United States of America, there are a variety of great places to visit for a walking or outdoor adventure vacation. It isn’t all about Route 66 and the ‘typical’ tourist spots. So where will it be to next? Here are some of the best places to take a walking vacation in the good ol’ USA.



Glacier National Park, Montana

If you are looking for a place that is pretty far away from the bright lights and busyness of a city, then Glacier National Park is one of the top spots. It has over 700 miles of walking trails, mixed with lakes, glaciers, and everything in between. As such, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got all of the right equipment for your walk. So it can be worth looking online to find out more about the kind of clothing you’d need to pack for a hiking or climbing trip. The park is full of wildlife as well, and you may spot elk, wild goats, and even grizzly bear.

Yosemite, California

There are plenty of popular trails in the Yosemite Park, but with it being so huge, you are likely to not bump into too many people. So make sure that you have a route planned out or that you bring a map and a compass. It is one of the most stunning places in the us, though, with the famous (and huge) redwood trees. It is breathtaking!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Can a list about walking trails in the US be complete without the mention of the Grand Canyon? I think not. But it does deserve its place here as it is a fantastic destination for an outdoor adventure or walking vacation. There are miles and miles to hike with varying levels of challenge too. The south rim is simpler and more popular, but the north rim has the more challenging Kaibab Trail.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California Border

Lake Tahoe, as the name suggests, is a large lake full of panoramic views and plenty of walks. It is a fairly flat area so is popular with families, beginners to hiking, cyclists, and even runners. There are some treks like Eagle Rock and the Mount Tallac Trail, but they are both pretty steady, with Eagle Rock only being half a mile to the summit. And be sure to visit in the sun for the walks, as it is all about skiing or snowshoeing in the winter months.

Canyonlands National Park, UtahThe red rocks of the Utah based National Park is a must for hikers as it is such a stunning place to walk. There are plenty of National Parks in Utah to choose from, but Canyonlands is one of the top ones. It was made famous by the ‘127 Hours’ book and movie, where a man was trapped in the Blue John Canyon in the Canyonlands National Park.

Here’s How You Explore A New City Like A Local

When you get to a new travel destination, you might be tempted to hit the big tourist hotspots straight away. And that’s perfectly fine of course – after all, that’s what being a tourist is all about, getting out there and taking in all the cool attractions and sights! However, to truly experience the city, you want to explore it like a local. That way, you will see all the hidden gems that most tourists don’t see or experience, and this will make your whole stay a lot more authentic.

So, are you ready to dive into a new city and explore like a local? Here’s how it can be done!

Go For A Wander

One of the best ways to discover what a city has to offer has to be by using your legs and walking around. One reason why walking is so great is that it gives you the chance to get lost. Don’t worry, that isn’t actually as bad as it may sound – getting lost will help you get away from the beaten track, and you might stumble across some truly amazing local secrets. Not only that, though, but it will help you get your exercise in for the day!

Use A Rideshare App

These days, staying in an Airbnb room is popular with travelers as it gives them the chance to stay with locals and ask them for their tips and insider information. Well, for a different spin on this concept, why not use rideshare apps? Don’t worry; this isn’t as dangerous as you might think and, as you can see on the Dolman Law Group, as you are well protected in the event of an accident. But this gives you the chance to have a lift with a local who can give you some great recommendations of what to see and do.

Download A Travel App

There are also a lot of new travel apps that are designed to give users a local experience. It’s worth downloading a couple of these before you head off on your travels so that you have a couple to use to help your explorations. The Lonely Planet Guides app is a great resource and is like having a whole guidebook on your phone. Others you might want to try include Spotted by Locals and Localeur.

Don’t Plan Too Much

It’s a good idea not to plan too much for your trip or else you might end up with little time to explore. So, try to leave your schedule as open as possible with at least one hour for wandering each day. You will be amazed at what kind of exciting stuff you can fit into an hour!

Be Open To New Experiences

Whenever possible, say yes to all the new experiences you are offered while traveling. That’s a great way to experience the new culture that is all around you in this new and exciting place!

Hopefully, all of these tips help you explore any new city that you travel to like a local!



Make the most of a trip to Mexico

Mexico can have a reputation for being unsafe in some places, but it’s still an extremely popular travel destination. As well as receiving plenty of visitors from the US and its other neighbours, people from all over the world come to enjoy Mexico. Beach resorts are particularly popular, and places like Cancun, Cozumel and Tulum see lots of action. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Mexico, a bit of planning can go a long way to help you make the most of your time there. There’s lots to see and do, so start thinking about how you want to experience the country.

Learn Some of the Language.

Being fluent in Spanish certainly isn’t necessary if you want to visit Mexico. You can get by with English but, as in any country, the locals will appreciate it if you make an effort. Knowing at least some basic phrases can get you far. Even if it doesn’t help you to understand people more, it can make the locals like you more! Look for the best online Spanish course for your needs if you want to learn. Learning online is a good idea if you want to fit your learning around a busy schedule. You can study when and where you want. But try to get some real-world practice too if you can.

Arts Mexico Cdmx Palace Of Fine Arts Viva Mexico

Credit: Max Pixel

Know How to Stay Safe

Mexico’s reputation for being unsafe isn’t exactly fair. While there are certainly some regions that you wouldn’t want to visit, most tourists are likely to be perfectly safe. Any area that sees a lot of tourism, such as beach resorts, major cities and historical sites, is likely to be safe for you. However, you still need to be careful, just like you do in any other travel destination. Take the usual precautions that you would while travelling to keep you and your possessions safe. One thing you might want to be particularly careful of is taxi scams.

Decide How Much You Want to Spend

Many people will tell you that Mexico is very cheap and you can make your budget go far. While you can find some bargains, you might also discover that locations popular with tourists aren’t always so cheap. If you want to choose a more affordable location, you will generally find that places on the Pacific coast are more affordable than those in the east of Mexico.

Go Beyond the Beaches


Mexico has some incredible beaches that can offer you a fantastic stay. However, there’s more to Mexico than just the beaches. There’s a lot more to see, from mountains to plenty of culture in the cities. If you’re going for a beach trip, that’s fine. But if you don’t want to spend all your time on the beach, you can explore further afield. Consider taking a road trip or joining a tour so that you can see more of the country.

Mexico has a lot to offer travellers of all types. If you want to have a memorable trip, keep your mind open about where to go and what to do.

Roosevelt Island


Roosevelt Island

A gem of New York City. Roosevelt Island is a narrow island located in the East River. The Island is considered to be  apart of the borough of Manhattan. Manhattan sits to the west of the island and the borough of Queens sits to the east. Once known as Blackwells island, and also welfare island. The island was home to prisons, hospitals and asylums. The island was renamed in 1971 after Franklin D Roosevelt.



What to see and do

Roosevelt Island tram

Take the aerial tram at least one when visiting Roosevelt Island. The views are amazing, providing a unique skyline view of the city. The tram runs from 59th street and second avenue in Manhattan to Tramway plaza on Roosevelt plaza. The tram ride definitely offers an exciting aerial view of the city. A must see for anyone visiting New York City.






Four Freedom Park

This beautiful four acre park is a memorial, dedicated to President Franklin D Roosevelt. The park celebrates the Four Freedoms he articulated in his 1941 state of the union address. The park is located at the southern tip of the island, and I would recommend this to be the number one sight that you must see on Roosevelt Island. The landscape is stunning and the views of Manhattan and Queens are gorgeous.  If you love sunsets, I would suggest viewing one during the winter the months, they are absolutely breathtaking.








The smallpox hospital

A very unique sight to see in New York City. The hospital is a historic landmark structure. The hospital was built in 1854 and was the first major hospital in the United States dedicated to treat the victims of smallpox. It is an interesting sight to see and represents an era of old New York life. It is great to see at different times of the year. The fall foliage is gorgeous, the winter adds more of an eerie vibe and it is  very pretty during the warmer months, with the greenery covering the hospital.

Small pox in the fall



Cornell tech

An impressive engineering campus, with  an innovative design and beautiful grounds. Exploring this area is a change of scenery from the rest of the island, as it represents modern growth.




Blackwell Island light house

The majority of the sights to see on the island, are located in the southern region. However, a visit to the northeast tip is well worth the walk (or bus ride) to view the pretty stone lighthouse, which was built in 1872.

RI lighthouse

From stunning aerial views, escaping the chaos of midtown,  relaxing with  the breeze of the east river and exploring historic sights Roosevelt Island is a top place to visit when exploring New York City.







A day trip from Bangkok

Ayutthaya lies 80 km north of Bangkok and makes for the perfect day trip (or longer) from the busy city. The history of this place is spectacular. The historic city of Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 and was the second capital of the Kingdom of Siam. The city was attacked by the Burmese in 1767 and burned to the ground. The city was never restored and is now listed as a UNESCO world heritage area.  The Ayutthaya historical park is an archaeological site, which contains the remains of historic statues, Buddhist temples, monasteries and palaces. Visiting Ayutthaya was a highlight of our travels to Thailand.



Getting there

There are various ways to commute to Ayutthaya from Bangkok.

  • Car/taxi service
  • Bus
  • Minibus
  • Boat – For a boat trip, you will need to book in advance. This method of transportation would also be for a longer trip, as it will take at least a day to arrive!

We chose to take the train service. This seemed to be the easiest and most cost effective. The train departs from Bangkok’s Hualamphong train station, and provides a scenic route. The journey will take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours depending on the service. The cost of a second class ticket (a carriage with A/C) will range from 245 – 345 Thai baht ( $7-$11 USD). The cost of a third class ticket ranges from 15-20 Thai baht ( 50 – 65 US cents). I found the train ride to and from Bangkok, to be relaxing and a nice break from the hectic city.


Getting around

There are various modes of transportation to take you around the historical park.

  • Tuk-tuk
  • motorbike
  • mini bus
  • Songteow
  • Cyclo
  • Boat

We chose to rent bicycles for the day, to ride around the historical park on our own self guided tour. Renting a bike will cost you 40-50 Thai Baht  ($1.30-$1.60 USD) for the day.  It was easy to find places to rent bikes, pick up a map of the park and get going! We felt this was  the best way to see this historic city, and we were not disappointed. The ride was easy and we were able to explore a lot of ground, cycling between the ruins and taking in the beautiful sights. If we had been there for at least another day, I think a boat journey around Ayutthaya would have been worthwhile. Overall a trip to visit this historic park is recommended, being surrounded by the city’s history was an extremely fulfilling travel experience.