Prive Revaux

Affordable designer sunglasses

Prive Revaux

“Feminist” in black and gold


Designer sunglasses at an affordable price? I have fallen in love with this gorgeous brand. Prive Revaux was developed by an elite team of entrepreneurs, creative designers and celebrity visionaries – Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld and Ashley Benson, very cool. They offer, over 100 handcrafted and polarized designer frames for only $29.95 and free shipping!  This value is amazing. I adore the styles and the quality of the frames that I purchased.

Wearing the “feminist’ style. At the cutest coffee shop, Devocion in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


For years, I have struggled to find a pair of sunglasses that I loved and could wear everyday, now I have found four pairs that I adore. The main purpose for me is sun protection (which is has been excellent) but these glasses from Prive Revaux has also allowed me to be more stylish and confident in my outfit choices.



So, if you are searching for great quality and great value, I recommend this brand. They have so many choices for men and women, and cater towards all styles. Click the link here Shop – Prive Revaux to browse their frames. I am already thinking about my next purchase, which will probably be “the jetsetter’ in black.

Wearing “the artist” in black and gold, at the United States botanic garden, Washington D.C.



Wearing “the supermodel” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


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16 thoughts on “Prive Revaux”

  1. Those are cute sunglasses. I like the style. Summer is almost here and what better way to kick the season off with a new pair of glasses.

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  2. These look awesome. Do you know if they have ones that go over regular glasses? I’ve been looking for a cute cheap pair, but have yet to find the ones for me.

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  3. I absolutely am loving these sunglasses! They look so cute, and I definitely need to pick up a pair of the “Feminist” ones!

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  4. Oooo I’ve been looking for a new pair of shades–– looks like these might be the ones ❤ Thanks for sharing! x


  5. “The Artist” are my favourite pair, they are absolutely gorgeous. They all look so great on you. I find some sunglasses really dont suit my face at all


  6. That supermodel pair looks strikingly elegant! For 30 bucks, I think that’s a steal. Glad to have found this great option as a gift for my friend as well!

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