Travel Solo Or With Friends: Which Is Best?


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Traveling is one of the best things we can ever experience, and we’re so lucky to live in such an innovative time that allows us to travel freely around the world in such a relatively short time span than would have ever been possible 100 or even 50 years ago – and certainly for a lot less money than would have been possible, 20, 30, or 50 years ago.

However, one of the many great things about travel is how it caters to so many different types of people who all like to travel in their own way.

Whilst some people love the complete freedom of solo travel, others want to share the memories they make with those closest to them such as their friends.

There’s certainly no right or wrong option here, and as we said – travel allows us the chance to choose which style we’re best suited to, so if you’re struggling to decide whether you’d like to travel solo or with friends for your next trip, then we’ve got some useful things to consider from each side coming up in this post for you.

Solo Travel:

Freedom to make your own schedule: Solo travelers mainly love to travel this way because they enjoy the freedom to decide how and where they spend their time. If you’re traveling with a friend or group of friends, you may all have different ideas about how you’d like to spend your time during the trip and this can either mean you have to compromise on something you’d like to do, or it can mean you all go your separate ways for a few hours.

It can be more expensive: As much as there are now a lot more tour companies popping up who are focused on solo travelers, there’s still a lot of price discrimination, so if you’re traveling solo and staying in a hotel, for example, you can often expect to pay a surcharge for the fact that you’re on your own.

You’ll meet new people: Traveling solo doesn’t mean being lonely, and in fact solo travelers are some of the best people you’ll meet. It’s a lot easier to meet other solo travelers when you’re traveling solo than if you’re with a group of friends, and you may also not be so motivated to do so if you already have people to hang around with.

Travel With Friends:

It can be a bit cheaper as a group: When traveling with friends, you’ll be able to split things across the group. This is especially useful when it comes to things like accommodation. For example, if you wanted to book a rental house through a company like Drew Fasy, it’s better when you can go as a group and split the cost. You can also find a lot of tour companies offering discounts on group bookings for things like travel and day trips.

You won’t get lonely: Solo travel can definitely get lonely – especially if you’re quite a shy person, so if this is something that can become an issue for you, then traveling with friends could be a good option.


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