3 Ways To Lose Yourself In Southern California

Many people who love travel say that they do it to “find themselves.” But most of us actually spend too much time with ourselves, concerned with our own needs, and not enough time focusing on the external world. When people say that they go travelling to find themselves, do they mean “lose themselves” instead?

Losing oneself while travelling provides the best opportunities for personal growth: a new environment where we no longer feel compelled to focus on ourselves, and we can finally point our attention outwards at the big wide world in front of us.

Southern California is the ideal location for this kind of personal journey, thanks to its thriving cities and majestic landscapes. If there’s anywhere in the world where you could lose yourself, it’s here.

Southern California, running from San Jose all the way down to San Diego, is peppered with incredible attractions and sights. It provides a diverse landscape, running from the temperate forests in the north to the desert in the south. Home to Death Valley, Palm Springs and the Joshua Tree national park, the southern part of the state certainly provides the backdrop for losing oneself in spectacular nature.

An Epic Road Trip Through The Desert

When most people think of a road trip through southern California, they imagine snaking along coastal roads with the sea as a constant backdrop in the distance. But the state is also home to some of the most inhospitable and beautiful deserts in the country according to https://www.dmv.org/. Starting at Twentynine Palms near the border with Nevada, you can drive right across the state, through the infamous Mojave Desert, all the way to the coast. Along the way, you’ll see forests full of Joshua trees, and might even catch a glimpse of active lava flows near the San Andreas fault line.


Image:Flickr with credit to Rennett Stowe

A Trip To A Secret Beach

With Venice and Manhattan beaches full to bursting in the summer, most tourists want to go somewhere a little quieter, away from all the hustle and bustle. The good news is that there are plenty of places to go near Carlsbad, as http://www.sdrvresort.com/ points out. For instance, the Torrey Pine reserve’s beaches snake along the coast between Solana and Carlsbad and remain relatively free from tourists year round.

Further north, between LA and San Francisco, you’ll find a 5.5 mile stretch of beach near the Ocean Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area. Busy throughout the year, the area retains its charm thanks to the vast open spaces and numerous coves to explore.


Enjoy Something “Alternative”

California was never mainstream. It’s always played host to alternative cultures, big and small.

Tourists who are into alternative culture love Big Sur’s Esalen Institute. A slightly hippy spiritual venue, it’s a great place to explore the convergence of the “three waters,” bathe naked and go to eco-focused workshops.

Not your thing? Then how about yoga instead? Head north to Malibu beach to find yoga classes enjoyed by the stars, including Demi Moore and practice the art of yogic sleep.