4 Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Costa Rica

4 Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Costa Rica 

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Costa Rica brims with natural beauty, adventure, and fauna rivaled only by the Galapagos Islands and Amazon Rainforest. The country’s reputation as the ideal spot for holidays in Latin America is understandable, especially if you wouldn’t mind spending a little extra for comfort and experience. While you won’t need a visa to tour Costa Rica for less than 90 days with some passports, there are a few things to know before traveling. 

  1. Safety 

How safe Costa Rica is will inevitably come up when planning a vacation to the Central American country. The “Pura Vida” country is the safest in the sub-region, making it the ideal vacation destination for first-timers and those with children. However, the country has its own problems, so it is always advisable to employ some caution when visiting. Most crimes against visitors are usually non-violent, although it rarely occurs. Like in most countries, flashing your valuables, walking alone in isolated areas, or leaving your backpacks and items unattended is not advisable. 

  1. Wildlife is everywhere 

In Costa Rica, you can’t walk more than 10 minutes in any direction outside of the cities without encountering some form of wildlife. The country is one of the best you can visit if you are looking for an exciting eco-experience. It is common to see a sloth crossing the street, monkeys resting over your heads at a café, or a toucan relaxing in your hotel garden. While you need to keep an eye out for wildlife, do your best to leave it alone when you come across it. Most animals are used to humans going about their business, so it is pointless to poke them. 

  1. English is widely spoken

English is widely spoken across Costa Rica. This is one of the most reassuring things for individuals visiting from English-speaking countries. Costa Rica is a terrific tourism hub; Statista data shows that many visitors come from countries such as the US and Canada. Those in the tourist business often have a strong command of the English language. As a result, the country is one of the greatest spots in Latin America for those who do not speak Spanish. However, it is worth pointing out that most official business and main newspapers are in Spanish. 

  1. Adventure experiences 

Costa Rica is a haven for adventure lovers and thrill seekers. This is expected given the country’s tremendously diversified scenery and superb weather. Canyoning, rappelling, ziplining, quad-biking, canopy tours, scuba diving, and white-water rafting are among the most remarkable adventurous sports in Costa Rica. There is so much excitement waiting at the beach and coastal lands. For instance, after arriving in Tamarindo, you can book with Costa Rica Fishing Charters for some adrenaline-pumping water sports activities. The country can be pretty thrilling for stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something new. 

Costa Rica is the type of location where people purchase complete all-inclusive packages, providing them with vastly different experiences. However, keeping the above things in mind is useful if you attempt to work your way alone.


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