The Tenets Of An Impromptu Trip



Heading on a spontaneous trip can be a beautiful idea in theory, especially if you hope to surprise someone you love such as a partner or relative. However, in reality… it can be just as spectacular as you’ve imagined it. This is one of those surprises that can hold up perfectly provided you’ve planned for it well, and have managed to keep it a secret. The idea of heading on an impromptu trip can be a wonderful one, but knowing where to get started can sometimes be a bit of a worrying idea. What service should you go with? How can you plan this without alerting the person you love? How can you ensure that both of your schedules are open for a trip like this? Who knows if upon presenting them with the vacation you have arranged, they don’t respond with plans they were crafting themselves, halfway across the world, on the exact same dates? Well, there are worse problems to have.

However, like with anything, a good trip takes a little time and foresight to develop well. With our advice, you will be able to do that and more:

Traveling Practicalities

Of course, travel can sometimes be somewhat limited when desiring to go at the last minute. Many of the vacations you might have chosen when planning ahead of time will likely be taken. For example, it’s unlikely for that cost-effective luxury cruise to have any spaces available before it sets sail, no matter how many countries you may have wanted to visit on that journey. But does that mean you can’t travel at all?

Not in the least. Last minute cheap flights, last minute package deals and last minute ticket sales can all open you up to impromptu yet no less exciting experiences that you may not have considered beforehand, despite them being obviously beneficial and something you would most likely adore from the offset. Even if you have time to plan, sometimes placing this limiter on yourself can help you open yourself up to a spontaneous and wonderful environment you may not have experienced.


Scheduling Resolutions

Getting the time off work, finding a babysitter, or convincing your spouse’s’ boss to let them have the time off can sometimes be difficult. This is why impromptu trips can sometimes be a little more expensive. Paying your family members to look after your children, or bringing them while asking their school for an emergency break, or perhaps suggesting the same to your partner’s boss can help you get away with a fun trip over the weekend. A day missed on Friday and Monday might open you up a four day weekend, or tailored with an extended holiday even longer. Sometimes a little request might get you far, so it’s always best to ask as you’re interested in booking the tickets.


The Purpose

Impromptu trips can happen for a number of reasons. But be sure to have a purpose, because that will justify the expense and immediate schedule conflict you might have to solve. For example, do you just have to see the Venice Carnival this year? How about seeing the grand final of a sporting event your family cares about? A food tour can even be equally as justifiable, because sometimes your stomach just won’t listen to reason. With this, you will make good use of your impromptu vacation.

We wish you nothing but the best if deciding to head abroad with these tips in mind.

Travel Solo Or With Friends: Which Is Best?


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Traveling is one of the best things we can ever experience, and we’re so lucky to live in such an innovative time that allows us to travel freely around the world in such a relatively short time span than would have ever been possible 100 or even 50 years ago – and certainly for a lot less money than would have been possible, 20, 30, or 50 years ago.

However, one of the many great things about travel is how it caters to so many different types of people who all like to travel in their own way.

Whilst some people love the complete freedom of solo travel, others want to share the memories they make with those closest to them such as their friends.

There’s certainly no right or wrong option here, and as we said – travel allows us the chance to choose which style we’re best suited to, so if you’re struggling to decide whether you’d like to travel solo or with friends for your next trip, then we’ve got some useful things to consider from each side coming up in this post for you.

Solo Travel:

Freedom to make your own schedule: Solo travelers mainly love to travel this way because they enjoy the freedom to decide how and where they spend their time. If you’re traveling with a friend or group of friends, you may all have different ideas about how you’d like to spend your time during the trip and this can either mean you have to compromise on something you’d like to do, or it can mean you all go your separate ways for a few hours.

It can be more expensive: As much as there are now a lot more tour companies popping up who are focused on solo travelers, there’s still a lot of price discrimination, so if you’re traveling solo and staying in a hotel, for example, you can often expect to pay a surcharge for the fact that you’re on your own.

You’ll meet new people: Traveling solo doesn’t mean being lonely, and in fact solo travelers are some of the best people you’ll meet. It’s a lot easier to meet other solo travelers when you’re traveling solo than if you’re with a group of friends, and you may also not be so motivated to do so if you already have people to hang around with.

Travel With Friends:

It can be a bit cheaper as a group: When traveling with friends, you’ll be able to split things across the group. This is especially useful when it comes to things like accommodation. For example, if you wanted to book a rental house through a company like Drew Fasy, it’s better when you can go as a group and split the cost. You can also find a lot of tour companies offering discounts on group bookings for things like travel and day trips.

You won’t get lonely: Solo travel can definitely get lonely – especially if you’re quite a shy person, so if this is something that can become an issue for you, then traveling with friends could be a good option.

7 Important Ride Share Tips For Travelers

2019 is set to be a big year for ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, with more and more of us using these instead of other methods of public transport or driving ourselves. They’re fast, they’re cheap, they’re convenient – what else do you need?


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It is important to bear a few specific safety pointers in mind to keep yourself safe before, during and after your journey, particularly if you are traveling in a new area, and in this article, we are going to look at a few of those tips.

1) Let someone else know you are traveling.

When traveling alone, especially at night, share your journey with friends or family, so they know exactly where you are. Send a picture of the registration plate to someone, or if you are using Uber, you can hit the ‘share my ETA’ button, or ‘send ETA’ on Lyft, and it will send a notification to the person you designate. They will then be able to follow your journey on GPS.

2) Keep your personal information to yourself

We are not saying sit in silence for your journey, but be mindful of what information you re sharing with your driver. Don’t give out your address or where you are staying, your phone number or how long you are traveling for, and it’s never a bad idea to let them think someone is expecting you at the other end of the journey!

3) Give feedback

While it doesn’t seem particularly relevant to safety, giving feedback after your journey can be the difference between keeping a lousy driver off the road and a good one on the road.

4)  Wear your seatbelt

Just because someone else is driving, it doesn’t mean that you are completely immune to an accident. You should always buckle up – in fact, wearing your seatbelt can also improve your passenger rating on Uber. If you did happen to be in an accident when you are ridesharing, it is essential to find a great lawyer for legal advice.

5) Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

If you’re in an unfamiliar city or area, make sure to track your route on your own maps app to ensure the driver is following the correct course. Try to avoid using rideshares on an evening or night, but if you do need to, try to find out beforehand what businesses and stores are open along the route.

6) Confirm Your Driver and Car Before Getting In

Always confirm the license plate and the name of your driver before getting in – this information is clearly laid out in the app and your booking. As well as keeping you safe, it also prevents you from getting into someone else’s ride in a busy area like an airport. It’s also important to ask the driver the name of the passenger rather than say your name first.

7) Don’t pay cash

Uber and Lyft take money directly from your bank, and there is now the option to tip after the journey through the app, so there is no need to have your purse or wallet out during your ride.

Why You Should Leave The Car At Home When Travelling To Atlanta

With the title ‘city in a forest’, it’s no wonder that many people are flocking to Atlanta to experience many of the wonderful things it has to offer. Having a car is a relatively easy and convenient way of travelling. Aside from walking and public transport, it’s much easier to jump into your car and get from a to b. That is, for day to day use. However, some people choose to take their cars on their travels with them, and today we’re going to give you reasons as to why you shouldn’t take your car with you when you’re planning to travel to Atlanta.


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It Can Work Out To Be Very Expensive

When you’re travelling to Atlanta, the costs that you will incur can work out to be more expensive than other forms of travel. While you might be avoiding the cost of a plane ticket, you will be incurring charges such as parking, overseas transport for your car, and even tolls that you may encounter along the way. Did you know that per day, the parking at Atlanta airport is at least $36? This can work out to be just as costly, if not more, than taking other forms of travel to get to your destination. Rather than forking out for these charges, why not take an Atlanta airport shuttle to catch your plane, or even travel by train or boat instead? Not only will you be paying the same, if not less, but you also won’t have to worry about finding a parking space.

Taking Your Car Can Be Stressful

Cost aside, taking your car to Atlanta can work out to be very stressful too. Not only do you have to take into considerations charges for tolls and parking spaces, but you’ll also need to consider any changes that you’ll need to make beforehand. Luckily, Atlanta has an extremely convenient way of travelling that’s also cost-effective. Consider using MARTA as a way of getting around and seeing all of the sights rather than having to worry about where your car is going to go and how much you’ll have to pay for it.

Having Your Car Could Be Risky

It’s important to think about whether you can really trust your car to last the distance of your journey. While your car might be working perfectly now, there’s a chance that it could break down along the way and leave you stranded on options. Could you afford to have your car repaired while you’re on the road? And are you confident that you’ll be able to find a garage or mechanic that’s able to do so?

Taking all of these things into consideration, is it really a good idea to take your car with you? Obviously, the outcomes depend on where you’re travelling to and your reasons for doing so, but consider leaving your car at home and using other forms of transport to save the hassles that could come with it!



Expert Advice For An Exceptional International Excursion


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Whether you’re new to exploring or you’re planning yet another crazy trip to foreign shores, there’s always more you could do to ensure that you have a fantastic experience. We’re talking about both the boring side of planning ahead and the exciting things you can do on your actual travels. Maybe you and your friends are eager to take another wild trip to a new place or a familiar destination that you need to revisit. However, before you book a spontaneous flight, here’s some expert advice for an exceptional international excursion. Try saying that after a few drinks.

Research the destination (or destinations) in question.

Boring, right? Well, as mentioned in the introduction, planning ahead is still a crucial part of ensuring you have a fantastic trip. Being spontaneous is fun, but it can also lead to disappointment. After all, you can most likely only afford to travel for a certain amount of time (unless you’re rich or you don’t have to go back to your job). So, you want to make sure you see everything that a certain place has to offer. If you do the boring planning before you travel then you’ll be able to relax and have fun on your trip. And you won’t be worrying about whether you can actually see everything in time.

You should do some online research to find any places that you might not have thought to visit in a particular location. You might even find some hidden gems if you look in the right places. You should check out for an expert’s opinion on the best things to do in destinations all over the world. You can avoid wasting time traipsing around a new place by simply finding out what you need to see in the cities or towns you’re planning on exploring. Researching the destination or destinations you plan on visiting could really help you to make the most of your time there.

Travel in exciting ways.

Why travel in an ordinary way? If you want an exceptional international excursion then think outside the box. Maybe you’re going on a trip for a friend’s bachelor party, so you could arrange for a limo to pick you up from the airport. If it’s a romantic trip then you could arrange for a hot air balloon ride to really impress your significant other. As suggested on our website, you could even take a helicopter to reach your intended destination. It doesn’t even need to be a trip you take for a practical purpose. You can take helicopter rides through the Grand Canyon and around the city of London. Transport can do more than simply getting you from point A to point B; it can be a fun way to explore an area from a different perspective. Think outside the box if you want to travel in exciting ways. See? Planning ahead doesn’t always have to be boring.


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Plan out a travel playlist.

Whether it’s music for the car during a road trip or music to keep you occupied during a long flight, don’t underestimate the power of a great playlist. As mentioned at, it can make the trip particularly special for you and a partner if you compile a playlist of songs that are meaningful to you and your SO. But it can also be particularly fun for you and a group of friends if you create a hype playlist. A road trip down Route 66 sounds fun, but imagine that same road trip with your favorite tunes blasting out of the speakers.

How To Occupy Yourself When Traveling


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Whilst visiting new places is great fun, the actual getting there usually isn’t so much fun – especially if this involves things like long plane journeys, hours in airports or other not-so-enjoyable parts of trying to get to your ultimate destination.

The good news is, you don’t have to suffer from complete boredom whilst traveling – especially not these days with the amount of things that can be taken with you on board planes that don’t take up any additional space.

Download movies:

Although if you’re on a long-haul flight you’ll have the opportunity to watch in-flight movies from the screen at the back of the seat in front of you, but they’re not always the best movies and even if they are, if you’re someone who travels often then there’s a good chance you’ve already watched them. A good way to keep yourself entertained with movies and shows you actually want to watch is just to bring your own. You can do this by downloading them onto your tablet through something like iTunes, Google Play Store, or even directly from Netflix. If you don’t already have Netflix, but would like to start using it, then it’s a good idea to download it before you go because the content available in each country is different and the costs will be in the local currency so you could end up paying more thanks to the currency exchange when using your card from back home. You can look at How much Netflix costs in other countries.

Load up on podcasts:

If you’re not a movie person, then podcasts are a great way to go that will keep you entertained for a long time during even the longest of journeys. You can search places like the in-built podcast app on iOS devices and search across every imaginable category before downloading them to listen to later even if you have no internet connection.

Clear your digital clutter:

Do you have a laptop or cloud storage full of files that are all over the place? Travel – especially on longer trips is the perfect excuse to tackle some of that stuff you’ve been putting off and finally get things organized if you’ve not had the time to do it at home or when working.

Catch up on work:

Just as using a long journey is the perfect time to get yourself organized and cut some clutter from your life, it’s also a great time to get focused on doing some work that needs to get done. Especially when flying since you’re not going to face the same interruptions that you would when trying to work elsewhere. One of the best things about working on a plane is that once you land, then you can concentrate on enjoying your trip or just catching up on some sleep.

Bring a good book:Books are still one of the best ways to make the time pass during a long journey, so whether it’s in physical or digital form, then if you’re looking to keep yourself entertained during your travels then a good book is a great way to go.

Can You Afford Your Dream Trip?

We all have that one dream trip which we would love to take, and the truth is that having that in the back of your mind can be a great thing to aim for when you are thinking about traveling. But there is one aspect of that kind of traveling which is always going to be a concern, and it’s this: can you manage to afford it? The very nature of a dream trip is (usually) that it is going to be fancy or at least extensive, and so, therefore, it is likely to cost a lot of money ultimately. Fortunately, there are some things you can look into to make sure that you are much more likely to be able to afford your dream trip, and you should never feel as though all is lost. In this post, we will look at a number of the things you can consider doing in order to make sure you can afford your own dream trip.


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Budget It Out Fully

First things first, you need to make sure that you have actually planned out the likely cost as well as possible, as otherwise, it is much harder to know whether or not you are going to be able to afford it at all. If you are only guessing, then you can’t really expect to get on top of it is the way you would like, so it’s important to sit down with your itinerary and actually thoroughly research the likely costs involved. Do that, and you will be much less likely to bury your head in the sand, as well as being more likely to be able to plan your finances for that trip well enough. This is an important first step which you should not overlook if you really want to make it work as well as possible.

Considering Credit

One of the most common ways that people manage to afford their dream holidays and travels is of course by using credit. Although this might not be the ideal way, it is one manner in which you can hope to afford whatever kind of enjoyment and luxury you really want, so it is definitely a good idea to look into at least. As long as you think that you are likely to be accepted for a card, and as long as you are able to pay it back in full in good time, you should be able to consider this option well enough. You will also want to think about trying to protect yourself from credit card fraud, which can be especially likely when you are traveling, by possibly using a protection service like Lifelock. The Lifelock price is not too bad, so you know that it is going to be worth it.


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TweaksFinally, remember that sometimes all you need to do really is make a few adjustments here and there, and in that way, you can hopefully make the cost of your trip much less overall. These tweaks should be done carefully, so as to make things cheaper while still allowing it to be the trip of your dreams – and as long as you get that right, you will find that it really does work.

Preparing for a Road Trip Adventure


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Road trips are experiencing a spike in popularity. This isn’t all too surprising. It’s an extremely liberating way to travel the world and allows you to see all sorts of beautiful scenery and landscapes along the way. However, it’s extremely important that you prioritise your health, safety, and wellbeing at all times when you take to the open road. Here are just a few pieces of advice that can help to improve your journey!

Driving Responsibly

Whenever you take to the road, you need to be a responsible driver. But this takes a little more attention when you are driving in unfamiliar territory. When you are traversing long distances on roads that you haven’t travelled on before, you are going to have to be a lot more vigilant with keeping an eye on street signs, road markings, and lanes. When you conduct a road trip, you are also likely to spend longer periods of time than usual behind the wheel. Stay alert by taking breaks as and when needed. You could also consider partnering up with someone else who can drive during your trip, which will allow you to share driving responsibilities with someone else.

Knowing What to Do in an Incident

If you spend more time on the roads, you are more likely to witness or be involved in some sort of road incident. It’s important that you know what to do if you do find yourself in a road accident of any sort. The first step that you need to take is to stop your vehicle. Then check whether you are well and uninjured. If you aren’t injured, check everyone else involved. If you or anyone else is injured, call for medical assistance. You may want to seek legal help for car crash victims down the line. If nobody is injured, exchange insurance details and take photographs of any damage to the vehicles involved.

Avoiding Hitchhikers

It’s relatively easy to understand why some people choose to pick up hitchhikers. They tend to be relatively vulnerable looking individuals who simply want to get from A to B. Generally, they have no other means of getting around and many people consequently take pity on them and take it upon themselves to reduce the distance that they have to walk by picking them up and dropping them off along the route they’re already travelling. If you are travelling alone, a hitchhiker might also seem like welcome company and conversation. However, by picking up hitchhikers, you place yourself in an extremely vulnerable situation. You, too, will be in a confined space with an absolute stranger. You can never truly know that this individual is going to be a good person with no bad intentions. Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid picking up hitchhikers at all costs.

These are just a few different pieces of advice to bear in mind when preparing your next road trip adventure!

Your Next Holiday Will Be Your Best

We’re predicting it for you right now. Your next holiday is more than likely going to be your best, and it definitely won’t be your last. We’ve sai more than likely, because a lot of you might just disregard the information we’re about to list below for you. But what you don’t realise is that the information listed below for you is the key to a better holiday. Everyone deserves to have one of those holidays that is just a cut above the rest every once in a while as well. The ones where you sit and think, ‘omg, as if we just had a holiday like that!’. If you haven’t thought that before, and the most you think is that you’ve got an excellent tan from sitting on the beach all day, then times are seriously about to change for you. We love holidays, we love everything about them. Which is why we don’t want you to to miss out on making sure that your next holiday is definitely your best! Have a read on, and totally transform the way that you think about going on holiday.

holiday-3220774_1280.jpgImage Source

Think Outside The Box

If you don’t think outside the box with your holiday, you’re always going to go for the same type of holiday. Let us demonstrate. We bet that the first thing you do when thinking about taking a trip abroad, is open up your laptop, and go straight to the tour operator that you trust the most. Or, you’ll walk into your local travel agents, and you’ll sit down with the same traveller advisor that you always do, and book the same kind of holiday. Well, now we think it’s time for you to think outside of the box just a little bit. To come up with something that will change the way you view holidays. One way we think you should do that is by booking everything separate. You wouldn’t believe the amount of luxury hotels that are out there, but just don’t connect themselves with the tour operators you use. Not only could you save a hell of a lot of money by doing this, you’re also just experiencing something a little more unique in a way. You could even search for your own apartment to rent out for the duration of your trip, and then go self catered. To some of you, going self catered is like the antichrist of a holidays. You want to be waited on, right? Well, who is to say that you can’t go out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and experience some of the finest foods that you definitely wouldn’t get to experience if you were to go self catered.

Treat Yourself To Something Fancy

Again, something you probably don’t do. It’s not often that the all inclusive options you go for will usually offer something fancy, so it’s time to go out there and find it for yourself. There are so many different excursions that will allow you to experience something a little upmarket. Yes, we are implying that you should get off your bum, and go out and do something! If you have a look at this blog, you will find a review of some of the best wineries in Napa Valley. Now, even if wine tasting just isn’t your thing, it’s definitely something that you should be considering. The views you get are absolutely amazing, and a lot of these excursions actually come as a package. You get to try some nice food, you get a tour round all of the winery, and you obviously get to try some amazing wine. They’re usually not that expensive either, and most of the time they’re an all day thing in the blazing hot sun. If you want a bit of fine dining and elegance, we would definitely recommend giving a trip to a winery a go.

As well as this, you could think about treating yourself to a little shopping trip. If you don’t go on holiday and buy something for yourself from the shops, are you really holidaying right? The shops abroad seem to have so many choices, and you’ll find brands that you’re not usually used to wearing.  There’s just something so exciting about going on holiday and going on a little shopping trip, more so than if you were to go shopping when you’re back at home. Top tip, the jewelry always seems to be more flashy, yet cheaper, in countries such as the Caribbean and Spain.

Go With Someone Different

If you’re always going on a holiday with your partner, or your family, you’re only allowing yourself to experience the same sort of vibe. If you’re a family holiday type of person, all you’ll most likely do is sit around the pool, take the kids to the beach or waterpark, and repeat. Don’t get us wrong, it is so lovely to see them having so much fun, and you’ll just be able to make so many memories along the way, both for you and for them. If you go with your partner, then holidays usually are more special. It’s always so nice to get away and have some quality time together, we often don’t seem to have enough of it. But, one holiday we definitely all need from time to time is a best friend holiday. They’re just made for fun, laughs, and having too much to drink. If you haven’t planned a holiday with your best friend before, we definitely think you should start talking about it today.

Go Somewhere A Bit Off The GridFinally, if you want an experience like no other, you have to go to a place like no other. We’re always so focused on going to some of the mainstream holiday destinations out there, when in fact, the world has so much more to offer than that. This link gives you just a few examples of some off the grid places you could visit. You never know, it could be the best holiday you’ve ever been on!

5 Alternative Ways to Spend an Afternoon at the Beach

If you live in the city or struggle to find the time to make a trip to the beach, you are probably happy to spend the time that you do get relaxing in the sun, reading books, paddling in the sea or playing with your family. You probably look forward to ice creams and strolls in the warm shallow waters. The idea of doing almost nothing can be most appealing.

If, however, you rent an oceanfront vacation home, or you live by the beach full time, you might have had enough of lying about in the sand. You might long for something a little more interesting. Here are five alternative ways to spend an afternoon at the beach.

Get in the Water


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Unless you are a keen surfer, your trips to the beach probably include very little time in the water. Most of us stick to the sand and rarely go in above our knees. If you are getting a bit bored of the sand, why not throw yourself into the water. Go for a swim in the sea, which can feel very different to swimming in a swimming pool. Or, have a go at some water sports like water skiing or paddle boarding.

Try Some Seafood

Seafood is best by the sea. It’s fresh, it’s expertly cooked or prepared, and there’s more variety than anywhere else. If you usually stick to foods that you know at your days on the beach, why not try something different?

If you a house at the beach, why not try cooking some seafood or preparing some sushi for yourself? Take a look at the best seafood recipes online, buy the freshest ingredients and spend time experimenting with flavors and techniques.


There’s something about being out in the fresh air that makes us all feel a little more creative, and the scenery around the sea gives you plenty to draw inspiration from. Take a good look around you, set up an easel or take a sketchbook and have a go at painting or drawing what you can see.

If painting isn’t your thing, grab a camera and go for a walk around the sand dunes and rock pools. Take some photos of nature and enjoy getting back in touch with the world around you while exploring your creativity.

Go Fishing

Some people love fishing. Others, just don’t get it. The idea of sitting for hours waiting for a bite just doesn’t appeal. But, fishing at sea is a little different. It’s bigger. It’s more adventurous and more exciting. If you’ve never tried it, sea fishing might not be what you expect and is certainly worth trying.

Build a Sandcastle


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Building sandcastles is something that kids love, but adults rarely do. Let your inner child out and get building. It can be relaxing and interesting. It’s a free way to get creative, and you’ll probably find that it gets you talking to a lot of passers-by. Many beaches host sandcastle building contests that you could enter. Just remember, you’re not tied to castles. You can build a vast range of structures with sand. You just need your imagination.